Islamic Seminar and Culture Program

March 23rd 2019, Kumamoto Islamic Center in collaboration with Kumamoto International Foundation held an Islamic Seminar and Culture Program. The speakers of this seminar are Imam Sheeraz Khan as the Imam of Kumamoto Masjid and Abdul Karim Shimoyama, a scholar from Camii Islamic Center, Tokyo. This seminar was divided into two sessions, the first session was held in Kumamoto City International Center from 14.00 until 17.35 and the second session was held in Kumamoto Islamic Center, starting from 18.30.

At the first session, more than 20 people, mostly Japanese people, came to KCIC and asked a lot of things to our speakers. Other than Islamic seminar, we also presented how the Islamic culture in Islamic Country such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. We introduced our country along with our attire, food, etc. For the ladies, we also held Hijab event, so they can try using a hijab.

The second session, which was held in Kumamoto Islamic Center, more than 40 people came. They came directly to KIC to see our praying room directly. They also had a chance to see how Muslims perform our prayers (Maghrib prayer and Isha prayer). After a short question and answer session which was answered by the President of KIC, brother Rahmat, we start our dinner. In this dinner, every Islamic community (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Afghanistan) served our local food in order to introduce our foods to our guests. Alhamdulillah, our event went smoothly.

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