Shura (Executive Committee)

As stated in Shukyo-Dantai (Religious Organization)“KUMAMOTO ISLAMIC CENTER” Rules, Constitution Adopted in the year of Arabic Calendar 1429/ 2008, Shura (Executive Committee)” means an assembly of people chosen by election from within the Muslim community living in Kumamoto prefecture, and is the best decision making in Shukyo-Dantai. Shura committee is formed by shura members (including a Daihyo-Yakuin (president and representative officer) and the number of shura members is established in the enforcement regulations. A regular Shura assembly elections is to be hold in every one or maximum two years in May.

The current KIC Shura member:

  1. Mohamad Hafiz Aiman (Malaysia)
  2. Muhammad Akram (Malaysia)
  3. Shariful Islam (Bangladesh)
  4. Kawsar Mustofa (Bangladesh)
  5. Izzat Gul (Pakistan)
  6. Mansoor Ali Khan (Pakistan)
  7. Radhen Hendarmawan (Indonesia)
  8. Anang Khunaefi (Indonesia)
  9. Rahimullah Habibzai (Afghanistan)
  10. Rikaz Muhammad (Sri Lanka)